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  • Our Facility

    FESTI has been a World Leader in Green Design and Technology since completed in 2007 and was awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Silver Rating.

    Some of the Institute’s distinctive sustainable design features include:

    • ISO 14001 certification since 1999.
    • A solar wall providing “free” solar heated air induction.
    • A Termodec in-slab air distribution system reduces peak energy use via concrete slabs that store excess building heat for later use or rejection.
    • Classrooms are located below an extensive green roof system that allows for improved temperature control in all seasons.
    • Water saving initiatives includes waterless urinals and tank less water heaters. 
    • Four (4) 20 seats indoor classrooms as well as outdoor practical training structures built adjacent to the main facility.
    • A fully computerized lab for Fire Prevention and Incident Command Training.
    • A fully equipped 64 seats theatre with tiered seating and the option of a divider wall to make two smaller theatres.
    • A core assembly area and breakout space adjacent to the main facility.
    • Complimentary use of a full kitchen, catering service may also be arranged.

    Outdoor Training Structures

    One the Institute’s most unique features is the 48,000 m² practical training area which encompasses state-of-the-art training mock-ups, including the following structures:

    Confined Spaces Building

    The Confined Space Building is built above ground but simulates rescue in a manhole below street level. Trainees enter from the top while staircases and doors at each of the three levels create a safety net for immediate evacuation or medical treatment if necessary.

    The Rescue Tower

    This five level structure allows:

    • Multiple emergency response scenarios such as interior search and high-rise firefighting.
    • Aerial platform training.
    • Technical rope rescue and ladder-training.
    • A smoke room that directs simulated smoke to either a section of the tower or throughout the building to enhance training scenarios. The dense smoke is generated from a water based product, making it safe for training and education purposes.


    The Burn Building

    Trainees experience real fire conditions up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit in this intensely supervised and remotely monitored setting. The design of the Burn Building has incorporated “sacrificial” masonry panels and other innovations that allow the structure to withstand the trauma of training without structural failure.

    Aircraft Training Mock-Ups

    Our aircraft mock-ups are propane operated, which offers realistic training and satisfies our commitment to environmental protections. There are two mock-ups situated on a large manoeuvring area that allow vehicle operations during training sessions.

    Auto Extrication Area

    Our auto extrication area allows the instructors to educate using challenging motor vehicle training scenarios in a safe environment. The area is spacious and can support heavy extrication scenarios such as tractor trailers or school bus extrication.

    Hazardous Materials Training site

    The Hazmat training site is located close to the main campus and is spread out over a 15-acre site. The special operations training site includes the following features to simulate realistic scenarios:

    • transport trucks
    • busses
    • rolling terrain
    • an out-building to simulate HAZMAT storage facilities

“The best of the best come to train at the Institute recognized for instructors that have years of combined instructional and real life experience”


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