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    There will be a $75.00 administrative charge assessed for the reprint of a Diploma or Certificate that bears an accreditation from the Institution of Fire Engineer Certificate (IFE), International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or Pro-Board.

    There will be a $15.00 administrative charge assessed for reprint of a Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute Certificate.

    There will be an $80.00 administration charge assessed for a reprint of a Transcript.


    To order one of the above items the student must submit a letter requesting a reprint of Diploma/Certificate. Be sure to provide your signature and all pertinent information: full name (and any previous names), student number, full address, date of birth, program name and year of attendance. If your Diploma/Certificate is being sent to a third party, please provide their complete address, your reference number and the contact person.

    Send your request to the following address or fax.

    Fire & Emergency Services Training Institute
    Attn: Standards Officer
    Pearson International Airport,
    PO Box 6031, FESTI
    2025 Courtneypark Drive East,
    Toronto AMF,
    Ontario L5P 1B2
    Fax: 416-776-5553

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