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    Located at Toronto International Airport in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, The Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) provide easy access to the Global community for a world of possibilities in quality education in a College environment. We offer training and consulting in the areas of emergency response, fire prevention and Emergency management for Individuals seeking a career or Municipal Fire Services, Industrial or airport environments wishing to enhance their service capabilities. FESTI has earned the respect of its global clientele as leaders in the training Industry. With a focus on Adult oriented learning and customized training we provide organizations the foundation necessary to grow their business and improve their service. Our goals is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering quality customized training, outstanding customer service, increased flexibility while providing a greater value thereby ensuring that long standing relationships are cultivated.

    Unlike other schools that offer training related to emergency services FESTI is a division of an operational Fire department allowing us to harness our experience to provide current, up to date training to our clients. This relationship also allows us to provide practicum to those organizations that are looking to get real hands practical experience in a fire department setting as part of their training needs. We pride ourselves on a proven track record to customize and deliver training programs and provide consulting services that allows management teams to develop high performance teams that are able to meet or exceed targets of any organization. The academic learning facility at FESTI is one that symbolizes quality. The state of the art building is 35,000 square feet and represents the future to each person that walks through it. Our training facility is a leading Engineering and Environmental Design that has drawn the attention of many organizations from around the world and has netted us over ten awards for its design. This quality, care and concern for the design of the building and training props as well as the environment are reflected in all of our training. In addition to a world class building FESTI has forty acres of training grounds complete with state of the art training aids which allow us to deliver challenging, realistic training scenarios that replicate the challenges of today’s rescue services.

    In order to meet the individual needs of clients, FESTI has developed a wide array of training courses that are standard to many organizations. We have also begun the development of Diploma based programs that will prepare individuals to perform at higher levels of efficiency. Our faculty takes pride and concern that all of our clients’ needs are met when preparing programs. To ensure that we continue to meet the needs of the global community we are developing customized training and diploma courses that are specific to each organization as required. The key to success is to understand the problem. FESTI prides itself on its solution based needs analysis process that will prepare programs that satisfy each and every time.

    Exceptional functional training and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes FESTI the ideal choice for your organizations Training.

“The best of the best come to train at the Institute recognized for instructors that have years of combined instructional and real life experience”


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